Find your way around the park

We have a new wayfinding system in place! Learn more about the Park’s four regions.
The four regions at the Park: Park, Depot, Aerospace Hub, Sports Zone.

A large green space with forests, ponds, trails, active and passive play areas, fields, gardens and more!

The Depot

Located by the railroad, this area is home to a diverse range of businesses and vendors.

Aerospace Hub

Home to Centennial College’s Bombardier Centre for Aerospace and Aviation and the TMU Aerospace Engineering Centre, this hub pays homage to de Havilland’s longstanding aviation history at Downsview. 

Sports Zone

Our sports zone has it all: soccer, basketball, volleyball, parkour, climbing, go-karting, and more.

Getting here

See below for information about getting to the park.


70 Canuck Avenue
North York, Ontario
M3K 2C5

Public transit

The Park is accessible by Downsview Park GO/TTC Station, Sheppard West, and Finch West Station, as well as many other bus routes in the area including the 41, 84, 101, 106, and 108B.

Visit Triplinx to plan your route.

Downsview Park Station passenger pick-up and drop-off areas can be accessed through Vitti Street and Carl Hall Road, off Chesswood Drive.

Bike Share

We have partnered with Bike Share Toronto to provide an additional amenity to the park! With four convenient locations in and around the park, grab a bike and explore what the park has to offer.

Bike Share station locations:

·       60 Carl Hall Road
        (TMU and Centennial College)
·       Downsview Park subway station
·       Downsview Park Boulevard
·       Keele St and Dovehouse Ave

For more information, please visit



For many Park destinations, on-site parking is available off Carl Hall Road and Canuck Avenue.

Parking policy

Parking at Downsview Park is reserved for Park visitors, our tenants and their visitors.

Where can I park?
A map with parking lots P1, P2, D1 and D6 labeled.

When visiting the Circuit Path, Discovery Centre, The Hub, Play Zone or the Mound, please park at the lot by 70 Canuck Ave (P1). If this lot is full, the upper parking lots just east of John Drury Rd are also available (D1, D6).

When visiting the Orchard, Urban Farm and Mini-Mound, the parking lot (P2) is located off Downsview Park Blvd. Please note that spaces are limited.

I am visiting a tenant, where can I park?

When visiting one of our tenants, please check their business address prior to arriving at the Park.

If I’ll be heading downtown after my visit, where should I park?

Please note that there is NO commuter parking available at Downsview Park Station.

If you’re looking for a commuter parking lot, you can find one at one of the following stations:

  • Finch West
  • Highway 407
  • Pioneer Village
  • Wilson
Can I park my vehicle overnight?

Parking overnight is prohibited unless you receive special permission directly from Downsview Park property management.

Those in violation of our parking policy will be subject to fines and may have their vehicle towed.

For more information about our parking policy, please contact us at

Can I charge my electric vehicle in the park?

Yes! We have four charging stations with dual ports set up by the Play Zone (P1). You can easily pay through the FLO mobile app or FLO membership card at a rate of $2.25 for 30 minutes or $4 per hour.

FLO mobile app can be downloaded here: Google / Apple


Washrooms & drinking fountains

Orchard Pavilion washrooms are located at the south end of the park and are open all year round from 8am to 10pm.

Accessible and regular portable washrooms by 70 Canuck Avenue are located at the north end of the park and are available from 8am to 10pm.

We have drinking fountains at the Play Zone and Dogsview Park.

Park rules

Our rules help to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy and share the Park.

Dogsview Park rules

Ready, fetch, play! The Dogsview Park rules ensure that all our furry friends and their pet-rents can have fun and stay safe in our off-leash area.

These rules can also be found at the entrance to Dogsview Park.

View Dogsview Park rules

Please be reminded that the off-leash area does not have winter maintenance and can become muddy depending on weather.



The Circuit Path is our main pathway and trail that loops around the Park. The large outer loop is 2.7 km (1.7 mile) with shortcuts along the way. This wide paved path is lighted and fully accessible.

Our newest trail, the Sesquicentennial Trail, represents the paths that Indigenous Peoples and settlers have taken to eventually move forward as one. One path is paved and the other is a softer, natural path. Both paths are accessible.

We also have several trails that wind through Boake’s Grove (the urban forest) and Tallgrass Prairie. Please note that all these are natural wood chip trails that may have uneven grounds and varied traction.


The ramps that lead down to the Lake were built in 2012 and don’t meet the current standards outlined by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (a slope of <5%). Please use at your own discretion.

The Orchard Pavilion, Dogsview Park & Play Zone

All three areas are accessible and ready for you to get outside and play!

Winter maintenance

The parking lot at 70 Canuck Ave, the Circuit Path and the Orchard Pavilion are maintained during the winter months. There is little to no winter maintenance throughout the rest of the Park.

What is Downsview Park?

When the Government of Canada announced the closure of the former Canadian Forces Base Toronto in 1995, the site transitioned into two distinct parcels: Downsview Park and Downsview Lands, both overseen by Canada Lands Company.

Downsview Park is a 118-hectare/291-acre green space and is separate from the ongoing development at the Downsview Lands. To learn more about those development projects, visit id8 Downsview and Canada Lands Company.

Are there any plans to redevelop the Park or transform it into a condo development?

No, the Park will not be redeveloped or converted to a condo development. It will remain as the heart of North York and the centrepiece of the surrounding urban planning and development. Aside from amenity improvements and enhanced connections that will benefit the surrounding community and visitors, Downsview Park will remain as is.

Is the Park owned by the City of Toronto?

Downsview Park is owned and operated by Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation.

Can I use the blue track or the football field near Scotiabank Pond and 75 Carl Hall Rd?

The track and football field are leased spaces operated by The Hangar Sport & Events Centre. It can be rented for exclusive use. Please visit Hangar Sports & Events Centre for more information. When it is not booked, the space is available for public use. Please call to verify availability prior to your arrival.

Am I allowed to have an organized social gathering (i.e., a birthday party) at Downsview Park? Do I need a permit?

Yes, of course you can! At this time, a permit is not needed as long as you’re a group of under 49 people. If you’re a group of 50 or more, you will need to book an event venue. Please see this form for available venues and who to contact for each venue.

Are barbecues allowed? Do I need a permit?

BBQs are only allowed in the Park region by the Play Zone and by the Lake (south side) where it is clear of trees and natural habitat. BBQs are not allowed in other regions (Sport Zone, Aerospace Hub, The Depot)

Covered and portable propane barbecues are allowed. All other types are strictly prohibited. Barbecuing is not allowed in ecologically sensitive areas such as our Urban Forests and Tallgrass Prairie. Please refer to our on-site signage for more details. If you’re a group of 50 or more people, you will need to book an event venue. Please see this form for available venues and who to contact for each venue.

Do I need a permit for formal photography (weddings, commercial use, etc.)?

Yes, please contact us to request one. Our rate is $100+HST per hour. Please request your permit at least one week in advance!

Will your free summer movie nights be back? Are they held every year?

Yes and yes! Movies Under the Stars will be back. Information will be posted on our events page in the spring.

Are there sports leagues at Downsview Park?

One of our tenants, The Hangar Sport & Events Centre, does run a diverse range of sports leagues. Please visit their website for more information.

Can I hold my next event at Downsview Park?

We’d love to accommodate you! Please fill out this form and tell us a little bit more about your event.

Are there coyotes at Downsview Park?

Coyotes are a common animal in Toronto and at Downsview Park. Coyote sightings are up and we want to remind everyone to keep dogs on leash and under control for the wellbeing of you and your pet!

Remember these tips:
Never feed coyotes.
Do not touch coyotes, even if they appear tame, sick or injured.
Keep your dog on a leash.
Do not run, make some noise to scare it away.

For more information about coyotes, please visit:

Can I ride my motorized vehicle (dirt bike, motorcycle, e-bike, e-scooter, etc.) through the park?

We do not allow motorized vehicles in the Park. Our Circuit Path is a shared path for everyone and is not designed for such vehicles. Please be reminded that if you are cycling, the path has a speed limit of 20km/h. Please always respect everyone’s personal space while on the path.

Motorized accessibility devices are allowed if operated under 20 km/h.

If I lost a personal item, who can I contact?

If you lost an item while at the Park, please contact our security team at 647-276-0089 or fill out our contact form. If you lost something during an event not managed by Downsview Park (for example, Veld or Pumpkinfest), please contact the event organizer.

Do you have any leasing space available?

We do have leasing space available on occasion. Please contact Gavin Liu at 416-347-5149 or with your inquiry.

Why is there an odour at times around the Keele street side of the Lake?

We have consulted with ECOH Management Inc. (Environmental Consulting Occupational Health) who have conducted significant water and air testing and the results have concluded that the odour experienced by some visitors comes from the Maryport Reserve vent adjacent to the Park, along Keele Street. This is city infrastructure and Downsview Park has no control over its management. The Lake continues to meet water standards outlined in the Toronto Municipal Code.

Are ticks found in the Downsview Park?

Yes, ticks can be found at the Park. The best way to protect yourself from tick-borne diseases is to take precautions against tick bites when entering wooded or grassy areas, i.e., wear light coloured long sleeve shirts and pants, tuck pants into your socks, and apply insect repellent containing DEET or Icardin to clothing and exposed skin (always follow label instructions). For more information Lyme Disease and tick bite prevention please see (

Why do you remove the swings during winter?

Swings can build up with snow and ice that collect during the cold. When the weight becomes too heavy it can weaken or break the equipment. For the safety of everyone, swings are stored until the spring to prevent this risk.

Why can’t I fish in the Pond and Lake?

Our Pond and Lake are stormwater management systems that are designed to handle drainage to reduce flooding in the Park and the Downsview area. Any fish within the Pond and Lake are not native and we cannot confirm their health.

Our tenants

Downsview Park isn’t just a green space. We’re also home to a number of amazing businesses. Many of them bring additional recreational opportunities to the Park!