Our Story

Downsview Park as we know it today officially opened in 2012 but the land’s rich history dates back much further.  The Park’s ongoing evolution pays homage to this treasured past. 


From the way our Park was designed, to the initiatives that we lead and to the programs we offer at our Discovery Centre, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Downsview Stories

Downsview is not a blank slate. Starting with its significance to Indigenous communities as a ridge linking the Don and Humber Rivers, Downsview has been many things to many people.  It continues to be a place where stories—big and small—are evolving for countless individuals, communities, businesses, and cultures. 

About Canada Lands Company

Canada Lands Company is a self-financing federal Crown corporation that specializes in attractions management and real estate and development. As the Park’s owner, Canada Lands oversees Downsview Park’s operations and its exciting evolution.