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Downsview Park is dedicated to providing an environment that is accessible for anyone visiting the Park, including guests, employees, suppliers, and all stakeholders. 

We utilize industry best practices, expert consultants, and community feedback to ensure that we are meeting the accessibility needs of park users. Accessibility and diversity training is integral to the onboarding process for all employees at Downsview Park. This ensures that our team is prepared to help visitors equitably access the Park and its amenities.

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Getting Here

See below for information about getting to the park.


70 Canuck Avenue
North York, Ontario
M3K 2C5

Public transit

The Park is accessible by Downsview Park GO/TTC Station, Sheppard West, and Finch West Station, as well as many other bus routes in the area including the 41, 84, 101, 106, and 108B.

Visit Triplinx to plan your route.

Downsview Park Station passenger pick-up and drop-off areas can be accessed through Vitti Street and Carl Hall Road, off Chesswood Drive.

Festival Terrace

Festival terrace

The Festival Terrace is an open field with relatively flat terrain. It is used for community gatherings, festivals, and concerts. The surface is a mix of grass, gravel and clay-sand in different areas. Normally, the Festival Terrace is unlit and paths are not maintained in the winter. 

When events occur on Festival Terrace, it can be busy and crowded with loud amplified noise. In the evening, temporary theatrical lighting and video screens may be used. Each event is responsible for ensuring accessibility for their guests.

Orchard Pavilion

An orchestra sitting on chairs near a grassy area with an audience watching from the Orchard Pavilion

The Orchard Pavilion is a gathering space that has paved surfaces, a large canopy with lighting, a drinking fountain and bottle refill station and washrooms. The washrooms are year-round from 8AM to 10PM. The bottle filling station is available seasonally. Accessible parking is available in the south lot (P2) approximately 200 meters away.

Circuit Path

circuit path

The 2.7 kilometres Circuit Path is a shared pathway for walking and recreational exercise users. Users are reminded to use courtesy to safely pass slower path users and to limit their speed in busy areas. 

The Circuit Path features paved pathways that are well lit and is shovelled during the winter months. There are gentle grade changes, and seating areas periodically along the path. There are also interlocking stones on the edge of the paved path to delineate the circuit path from the grass areas.

Play Zone

play zone

The Play Zone is a playground and basketball court that is open all year round. The surfaces consist of concrete, grass, mulch, pebbles and recycled rubber. A few structures in the playground are accessed by climbing or crawling. The basketball court is illuminated at night until 9pm or 10pm depending on the season. There are different types of seating available such as Muskoka chairs, picnic tables/benches and boulders.

Hummingbird Circle

Hummingbird Circle

The Hummingbird Circle is a grassy gathering space, offering a natural and open environment. The entrance points are narrow and sloped and are not shovelled during winter. There are two hammocks available during the warmer months and a shipping container stage that includes a ramp and handrails for easy access onto the stage. The Hummingbird circle does not have any lighting.

Boake's Grove & Urban Forest

urban forest

The forests in the Park feature trails that vary in width and are lined with either engineered mulch, gravel, or woodchips. The paths are not shovelled in the winter months and the surfaces may change with the weather and season. There is no lighting within the forest trails.



The Lake is an artificial body of water that features grassy inclines, paved paths and a boardwalk. Parts of the paved paths are shovelled during the winter months. The naturalized areas around the Lake edge is not maintained during winter and has no railings. The north side of the Lake edge has accessible features such as an AODA compliant ramp with guardrails, seating at mid-ramp landing, handrails for stairs with tactile indicators, and lighting. There are many stone benches and flag stones available for seating. Swimming, skating and fishing are not permitted.

Discovery Centre


The Discovery Centre at Downsview Park is an indoor space used to deliver many educational programs and services and is not a publicly accessible space. This education space provides accessible washrooms, including a gender-neutral option. A water filling station is available. The room can accommodate a variety of educational purposes with movable benches, chairs, and tables.

The Hub


The Hub is an indoor multi-use community space for meetings, social events, fitness classes and other gathering purposes. 

The Hub is in the 70 Canuck Avenue building. The north facing front entrance of the building has an accessible ramp. Upon entry the two doors can be opened automatically with a push of a button. 

The lobby is an open area with clear entry to The Hub. To access the gender-neutral accessible washroom, one must go through a manual door from the lobby.  Water filling station is available. The Hub has many movable benches, chairs, and tables to accommodate a variety of individuals and group sizes.

Washrooms & Drinking Fountains

Dog drinking water from a fountain

On the southeast corner outside 70 Canuck Avenue, there are 4 accessible portable washrooms. A year-round washroom is available at the Orchard Pavilion from 8AM to 10PM. 

Drinking fountains are available during the warmer seasons (spring through autumn). Drinking fountains and bottle filling stations are located at the Play Zone, Dogsview Park (for dogs too!) and Orchard Pavilion.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions. 

Our education programs can be adapted for visitors with a variety abilities. Please contact us in advance. 

Parc Downsview Park
70 Canuck Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M3K 2C5 

P 416-634-2559 (Voicemail system only)