A series of self-guided activities that you can enjoy either here at Downsview Park or at another green space in your community!

Current offerings

Outdoor Winter Contests

We have two exciting contests to get you outside this winter! Downsview Park's photo scavenger hunt and snowperson building contest challenges everyone of all ages to explore Downsview Park  and have some fun! All you need is yourself and a camera.

Outdoor Winter Contests

Winter Bird Identification Challenge (Winter)

Did you know that more than 215 species of birds have been spotted in Downsview Park? Visit Downsview Park and explore the wonderful world of birds in winter. Throughout the Park we have posted images of common winter birds. Use the identification document to see if you can figure out which bird is which. For an extra challenge see if you can spot the actual birds that call Downsview Park home.

Lakeside Circuit (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Looking for a fitness challenge? Might we interest you in our LAKESIDE CIRCUIT? This beginner-friendly circuit will be a great addition to your fitness routine!

Lakeside Circuit

Spring Bingo (Spring)

Download the Spring Bingo sheet and come visit Downsview Park to participate in a fun challenge for people of all ages. 

Listen to a Tree (Year-round)

Have you ever wondered what a tree sounds like? The ‘Listen to a Tree’ experience lets you listen to a tree (or “tree music,” to be more specific). We’ve partnered with artist Bartholomäus Traubeck, who has translated tree ring data into music for his album Years. Throughout the Park/Boake’s Grove, we’ve installed wooden signs that feature a QR code. When you scan the code, you’ll be able to listen to a track that was created using the tree ring data of a tree of the same species!

Listen to a Tree