The ‘Listen to a Tree’ experience lets you listen to a tree (or “tree music,” to be more specific). We’ve partnered with artist Bartholomäus Traubeck, who has translated tree ring data into music for his album Years.

Here’s how it works:
“A tree’s year rings are analysed for their strength, thickness and rate of growth. This data serves as basis for a generative process that outputs piano music. It is mapped to a scale which is again defined by the overall appearance of the wood (ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to light texture). The foundation for the music is certainly found in the defined ruleset of programming and hardware setup, but the data acquired from every tree interprets this ruleset very differently.”

Throughout the Park/Boake’s Grove, we’ve installed wooden signs that feature a QR code. When you scan the code, you’ll be able to listen to a track that was created using the tree ring data of a tree of the same species! There is a total of 6 signs. See if you can find them all!

A simple map of Downsview Park with six tree icons near the Circuit Path.

If you’re unable to head over to the Park, check out the tracks through the links below. You can also find a link to the album Years on Bandcamp.

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