Start Date
January 9, 2024 - 7:00am
End Date
March 15, 2024 - 5:00pm


We have two exciting contests to get you outside this winter! Downsview Park's photo scavenger hunt and snowperson building contest challenges everyone of all ages to explore Downsview Park  and have some fun! All you need is yourself and a camera.

Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Grab your camera and come explore Downsview Park! We have a 13 photo scavenger hunt to challenge you on a photo journey across all of Downsview Park. For a chance to win some great prizes, complete all 13 scavenger hunt photos and upload them here!

Winners will be randomly drawn once the contest closes.

1) Take a photo in the airplane at the Play Zone. 

 2) Visit Boake’s Grove forest and look for clues of the past. Can you find the foundation from the Boake family home? Take a photo of the Boake's family home foundations or other clues about the family's past you can find.

Two people in winter jackets walking through Boake's Grove.

 3) Come explore the hummingbird circle and take a photo of the Hummingbird Circle sign.  

 4) The Hub can be found inside 70 Canuck. Take a photo with the Downsview Park sign outside the 70 Canuck building.

 5) Come explore the lookout and take a photo of the model airplanes. Can you name what models these aircrafts are?

 6) Adventure to Dogsview Park and take a photo of the off-leash dog park. You might even see a few furry friends!

Five small dogs playing at the dog park.

 7) Take a photo sitting in one of the red muskoka chairs found throughout the park.

 8) Walk the Sesqui trail and learn about the history of Downsview Park. Take a photo of the treaty table that can be found on the trail.

 9) Did you know one of the buildings at Downsview Park houses an old steam plant? Take a photo of the steam plant building.

 10) Climb the mound or mini mound and take a photo from the top.

11) You can find wayfinding signs throughout the park. Take a photo pointing to where you are on the sign's map. 

 12) There are lots of animals that call Downsview Park home. Take a photo of a sign of wildlife you can find in the park.

Animal prints and tracks in the snow.

 13) What area of Downsview Park do you like the most? Take a photo of your favourite spot at Downsview Park.

Snowperson Building Contest

Come to Downsview Park and build your best snowperson! No snow on the ground? No problem! Be creative and use what you can find in nature around you to create a snowless snowperson!

For a chance to win a great prize send us a picture of your snowperson here!

Winners will be chosen through a public vote on our Facebook page once the contest has closed.

A waving snowman with pine trees in the background.


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