The Circuit Path is a six-metre-wide paved pathway, offering four kilometres of walking paths—the large main loop is 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles) with shortcuts along the way! The pathway has everything you need to enjoy a stroll through the park including trees and shrubs, benches and waste receptacles.

There are many ways to enter the Circuit Path: Keele Street from the west, Canuck Avenue from the north and Downsview Park Boulevard, from the south.


What is the speed limit for the Circuit Path?

The speed limit is 20km/hr and is a shared path for everyone to enjoy. Please respect one another.

Can I drive my motorized vehicle on the path?

Motorized vehicles are prohibited throughout the Park.

Can my dog be unleashed at the path?

All dogs must be kept on leash unless you are in Dogsview Park, our off-leash dog park.

A few of my friends and I meet up and jog every Saturday. Do we need a permit to do that in the park?

We welcome everyone to be active and explore the park. A permit is not required if you are just having a casual walk or run with your family and friends. Enjoy!

Am I able to close off the Circuit Path for my event?

No, the Circuit Path is open to everyone at any time. Running and walking events must still share the path with other park visitors.

I would like to book the Circuit Path, but I also need a staging area for food and beverages, washrooms and entertainment. Where would I set that up?

The Festival Terrace is typically rented out as your staging area with your event. Find out more about the Festival Terrace.

How much does it cost to rent the space?

The Circuit Path is typically rented with the Festival Terrace. Please visit the page for more information.

Do I need insurance to book an event?

Yes, we require commercial general liability insurance. The coverage amount will be determined by the type of event that is held.

Is the Circuit Path accessible?

Yes, the Circuit Path is fully accessible and AODA compliant. Motorized accessibility devices are allowed if operated under 20 km/h.

What events and activities have been held here before?
  • MS Fundraising Walk
  • Hohoho Holiday Run
  • FitSpirit 5km Walk
  • Colour Me Rad Fun Run
  • World Vision 6km Walk


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