The Upper Pond is the biggest of the two Ponds and connects directly to Boake’s Grove via a bioswale (a vegetated, shallow depression designed to capture and treat stormwater runoff). A pedestrian bridge will keep your shoes dry as you cross this sensitive wetland ecosystem!

The Lower Pond, our newest stormwater management system, is much smaller and drains to the Lake. You can spot all three bodies of water from atop the Mini Mound!

Here’s a fun fact:
The Ponds are a part of our stormwater management system, which also consists of bioswales and a nine-acre Lake. The system directs stormwater runoff and slows it down, giving nature time to filter the water as it makes its way back to the water table and the Black Creek water system (which is also a tributary of the Humber River!). 


Can I swim, skate, sled, walk or go in the Ponds?

These bodies of water play an important ecological role for the Park. Swimming or entering them can hurt the birds, turtles and other living things that live in, or around, the Ponds.

The Upper and Lower Ponds were constructed as stormwater management systems and were not designed for recreational uses. Water flow and levels can change quickly and without warning, which leads to an unstable ice surface. As such, any activities on and in the Ponds are prohibited.

The Ponds are unsupervised areas. Please be safe and always keep an eye on your children and pets. 

Is fishing allowed? 

Fishing in the pond can be disruptive to the wildlife that calls it home. Please do not fish to protect yourself and all living beings. We cannot confirm the health of any fish.

Can I feed wildlife?

Feeding wildlife can:

  • be dangerous if animals start to associate people with food. They may become more visible, bold, or likely to approach humans; 
  • discourage animals from foraging for their natural food sources, which can lead to health problems; 
  • encourage larger numbers of animals to group together than normal. If one is sick, they can easily spread disease through the group

Keep wildlife wild by allowing them to find their own food. 

Can I barbecue by the Pond?

Barbecuing and open flames are prohibited around the Pond’s edge. If you would like to barbecue with a covered propane barbecue, there are many areas around the Park, such as by the Lake and Orchard, that have the appropriate space.

Can my dog play in the Pond?

Dogs are only permitted off-leash in Dogsview Park. Keeping dogs on-leash in the rest of the park promotes healthy biodiversity and reduces stress on wildlife and plants. Please keep your dog out of all Ponds. 


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