Start Date
November 30, 2023 - 7:00pm
End Date
November 30, 2023 - 8:00pm



Stephen Humphrey, author of Paths of Pollen (McGill-Queen’s University Press), will present a talk, with pictures, about Toronto’s diverse pollination community. A range of different little beings help plants reproduce, including birds, reptiles, a few mammals, and scores of insects. Bees get most of the press, but flies, beetles, butterflies, and wasps pollinate as well. This diverse cast of creatures all bear the title “pollinator.” Cities, themselves, support plenty of pollinator diversity. A Toronto resident, Stephen has personally witnessed and photographed numerous native pollinators across the city. In his presentation, Stephen will show you Toronto’s amazing pollination community up close. His talk will feature photos and stories of his encounters with pollinators and the plants they pollinate. He will discuss why ecosystems rely on these fascinating, important creatures and all the many ways they help plants have sex.


Stephen Humphrey is a writer, radio contributor, and citizen naturalist. He has worked on audio documentaries for CBC Radio’s IDEAS, such as “Planet You,” about the human microbiome, “Generation Mars,” and “Dancing In The Dark: The Intelligence of Bees,” which was short-listed for the prestigious New York Festival Award. His five-line bee poems, accompanied by videos and photos, are part of the living art project, Resonating Bodies.

Pets are not permitted at this program. Service animals are always welcome.

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