Start Date
February 1, 2022 - 7:00am
End Date
February 28, 2022 - 11:00pm



We’ve compiled a list of 28 outdoor activities that you can do on a visit to the Park. 

Maybe you live next door and want to challenge yourself to do a daily activity throughout February, or maybe you’re looking for something to do on a weekend visit. Regardless, the goal is to get outside and get moving (at your own pace, even just for a little while), for your physical and mental well-being!

1) Take a walk around Downsview Park’s 2.7 km Circuit Path. How many laps can you do?

Two people walking on a paved path.

 2) Visit Boake’s Grove forest and look for clues of the past. Can you find the foundation from the Boake family home? What other clues can you find around the Park?

Two people in winter jackets walking through Boake's Grove.

 3) Take a self-guided natural history walk (LINK COMING SOON) through Downsview Park. 

A satellite image of Downsview Park, with a tour route highlighted in yellow.

 4) Looking for a cardio challenge? Climb the mounds (hills) in Downsview Park!

A person walking down a mound.

 5) Take a nature walk! Wander through the forested pathways in our urban forest.

A snow-covered path with trees on both sides.

 6) Visit Dogsview Park with your pup!

Five small dogs playing at the dog park.

 7) Take your favourite workout outdoors! Layer up to stay warm.

People jogging on a paved path.

 8) Visit the three bodies of water in Downsview Park.

A pond at Downsview Park.

 9) Go for a brisk walk on the trails around William Baker.

A dirt path that goes through a woodlot.

 10) Vole spotting! Take a walk around Downsview Park and look for tiny holes and pathways in the snow. How many vole tunnels can you spot?

Tunnels going through the snow.

11) Find a snowy patch and play some soccer!

A yellow soccer ball covered in snow.

 12) Animal tracks give us clues about the animals that call Downsview Park home. Search for animal prints in the snow and mud. How many can you identify? Follow the tracks and see where they lead.

Animal prints and tracks in the snow.

 13) Winter is a great time for spotting owls, hawks and other birds of prey. Visit Downsview Park and see if you can find owl pellets underneath trees.

A close-up shot of a snowy owl.

 14) Winter picnic! Dress warm. Pack your favourite soups, hot chocolate and other warm foods for a cozy (and romantic!) winter picnic.

A person holding a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it.

15) Dress warm, pick your favourite meditation and come do some winter meditation in the Park.

A silhouette of a person meditating at dawn.

 16) Go for a jog around the Park.

A person jogging in the snow.

 17) Go for a walk when snow is falling and try and catch some flakes on your tongue.

A kid catching snowflakes with their tongue.

 18) Grab some binoculars and go birding! Winter is a fantastic time to spot birds. Good luck!

A woman in a winter jacket looking through a pair of binoculars.

19) Build a person, sculpture, or fort in the snow. So many fun things to do with snow at all ages!

A waving snowman with pine trees in the background.

 20) Spring is a month away! Take a walk and look for signs of spring.

Flowers blooming through the snow.

21) How many animal habitats can you find? Look high and low and see where animals, insects and more have been hiding for the winter.

A drey AKA a squirrel's nest in the branches of a tree.

 22) Snowshoe! Come explore the meadow or south end of the Park with your snowshoes.

Two kids in snowshoes.

23) Create a bird-friendly feeder and come find the perfect spot to hang it in the Park! 

A homemade bird feeder hanging from a branch.

24) Get up early and come watch the sunrise! For those who prefer extra sleep, come and watch the sunset.

The sun rising at Downsview Park in the winter.

 25) Take a photographic walk around the Park. Take some pictures and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts. 

A man holding a camera and a smartphone on a snowy path.

26) Have you walked the Sesqui trail? Take a walk through the trail and learn more about the history of Downsview Park.

An art installation at the north end of the Sesqui Trail.

 27) Take up plogging! Plogging is a Swedish term that combines the words for litter pick-up and jogging.

Two people jogging with bags of garbage.

28) Visit Downsview Park after dark and look up. How many stars and constellations can you spot?

The Orchard Pavilion at night.

 Additional activities:
Fly a kite.

Two colourful kites in the sky.

Head to the basketball court and practice your shooting skills.

A basketball net.

Please follow all public health rules and recommendations if you do head outdoors. Maintain your distance from others when visiting Downsview Park, and only visit if you are feeling well.

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