Our virtual field trips for classes and groups also support the Ontario curriculum.

Here’s what to expect:
•    Each program is 45-120 minutes 
•    Standalone and two-part programs available
•    Flexible start and finish times (by request)
•    Customized programming available (by request)
•    Program is a maximum of 35 participants

(For in-person field trips, please visit our School Programs page.) 

Program offerings

Ginebig the Snake | JK-Grade 8 | Program Length: 45 mins

Virtual curriculum-connected visits with Ginebig the Snake, our education team’s Western Hognose Snake!

*Sustainability and Natural Resources (Session 1) | Grade 4-8 | Program Length: 60 mins

This program focused on sustainability explores natural resources and the material origins of everyday objects.

*Can be done as a standalone program, but best combined with Session 2 (below).

*Watershed and Natural Resources (Session 2) | Grade 5-8 | Program Length: 90-120 mins

This is a hands-on workshop about natural resources and watershed development. This program emphasizes the many viewpoints that are involved in natural resource uses.

*Can be done as a standalone program, but best combined with Session 1 (above). 

*These programs can also be delivered in-person at your school (if you’re transit accessible, some limitations apply). Please see our in-school rates below.

Book a Virtual Field Trip

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! In the meantime, please read through our FAQ.


Eligibility – Who can book a program?

Teachers/educators of:
•    Classes
•    Homeschool groups
•    Learning pods

If you’re unsure about eligibility, please send us an email at downsvieweducation@clc.ca.

ProgramRegular Rate
Ginebig the Snake$100/class
Sustainability and Natural Resources (Session 1)

$250/class when combined with Session 2

$125/class as a standalone program

Watershed and Natural Resources (Session 2)

$250/class when combined with Session 1

$175/class as a standalone program

*In-school fees

Sustainability and Natural Resources: The program is $125/class plus a $50 travel fee. We require a minimum of two (2) sessions booked per day.

Watershed and Natural Resources: The program is $250 for a 2.5 hour session, plus a $50 travel fee. Groups that book 2 programs in a day (i.e. AM for one class and PM for another) would be a total of $550, as they would not have to pay the travel fee twice.

Please contact us directly at downsvieweducation@clc.ca if you would like to book an in-person program at your school.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

Our virtual field trips have a flat rate per class; however, this is for a maximum of 35 participants. No minimum program size. 

My students have complex needs. Are your staff able to modify programs to meet their needs?

Yes, we can work with you to ensure the best program is chosen to meet the needs of your students. Please contact us at downsvieweducation@clc.ca to discuss options that would be best for your group.

Do you offer programs in French?

Yes, all our programs can be provided in French upon request.