The trail was designed in consultation with the Mississaugas of the Credit and incorporates visuals and public art to create an immersive and engaging experience for pedestrians.

Features of the trail include two twinned paths representing how the cultures of Indigenous Peoples and early settlers occasionally crossed but eventually came together to move forward.

The Sesqui Trail opened in May 2019.

Here’s what you will find:
There are plazas at the north and south ends of the trail. At the north plaza, you’ll find an installation and a plaque outlining Downsview Park’s historical evolution. At the south plaza, you’ll find the treaty table which features one of the earliest historical maps of Ontario. As you walk through the trail, you will see a variety of model planes that are significant to Downsview’s history.

Come take a stroll and learn more about our past to see how it shaped who we are today.

Here’s a fun fact:
The Boake's family, one of the many early Irish settlers on this land, planted a stand of black walnut trees as an investment for future generations. Many of those trees still majestically stand today! Learn more about the Boake’s family and Urban Forest.

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