Downsview Park’s Community Field Trips program provides participants of all ages with an exciting hands-on opportunity to engage with the natural world!

Here’s the rundown: 
•    Programs are 90-105 minutes in length
•    Full-day option is two program sessions before and after lunch
•    Flexible start and finish times (by request)
•    Customized programming available (by request)
•    Minimum of 15 participants (or equivalent fee)

(For school field trips, please visit our School Programs page.) 

Program Offerings & FAQ

Program Offerings

Predator vs. Prey
Learn about ecology by becoming a part of the natural food chain in this educational survival game.

Photo Orienteering
Adventure around the park using a compass, map and images to find hidden locations.

Nature Play
Using natural and human-made materials, participants explore a naturalized area and engage in free play. This program encourages communication, imagination and exploring. It is unstructured and encourages a hands-off approach from adults.

Work with our Education and Horticulture teams to reduce human impacts on the park. Participants help improve the park by removing invasive species, assisting in cleanups and more!

Capture the Flag
Two teams compete against each other for control of the forest in this high-energy outdoor program.

Nature Detectives
Uncover the secret world of plants and animals. Using magnifying glasses, binoculars and other tools, explore the incredible world of the urban forest. 

Outdoor Cooperative Games
Challenge your group in a series of fun outdoor activities that encourage teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving.

Forest Games
Learn about the survival of people and animals through a series of activities in the forest.

Structure Building
All living things need strong and stable structures for safe habitat. Using natural materials, participants explore structures in nature and create their own. 

Wonderful World of Trees
Explore the forest while learning about trees. Participants work in groups to locate marked trees in the forest and then as a team to identify the species using specially made cards. Participants compete against each other for tree knowledge supremacy!

Birds of Downsview Park
They flap, they soar, they swim and fly! The birds of Downsview Park are fascinating, and we want to share the excitement with your group! Join us as we learn more about the secret (and not-so-secret) world of birds in Downsview Park.  ​​​​​​

SEASONAL: Campfire Program (November-April)
Keep warm during winter and spring in this exciting program. Work in groups to build a fire and roast some marshmallows.

SEASONAL: Creepy Crawlers (May-October)
Look closer to discover the secret world all around us! Participants will dig in the mud, investigate logs and participate in flower checks to explore the reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates living in the park.

SEASONAL: Art in the Park (May-November)
Creativity is at the heart of this program! Participants explore the beauty of nature and create their own art using natural materials. 

SEASONAL: Flight Challenge (May-November) 
Did you know that Downsview Park has an exciting history of flight? This program explores putting flight into action! Join us as we construct flying structures and test out how far they travel! From the ultimate paper airplane to a soaring creation, this program is all about keeping things in the air!

Eligibility – Who can book a program?

Beyond those mentioned above, community field trips are also perfect for:
•    Meet-up groups looking for organized programs
•    Birthday parties
•    Large family outings

If you’re unsure about eligibility, please email us at


$9.00+tax/participant/half day
$11.50+tax/participant/full day

A minimum of 15 participants, or the equivalent fee, is required to book.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers of participants?

Although we don’t have a minimum number of participants, we do have a minimum cost, which is the equivalent fee for 15 participants. 

The maximum number of participants will depend on the season, program(s) chosen and the age of participants.

Will programs be different when offered to a daycare vs. a community group? 

Yes! Our education team will always adapt programming to suit your group, which is why we ask about the ages and abilities of our participants. 


Downsview Park has and will continue to follow all public health guidelines related to COVID-19. The health and safety of our staff and participants is our top priority. Please note that as guidelines change, we may need to adapt our programming. Any changes will be communicated as early as possible. 

Do you offer programs in French?

Yes, all our programs can be provided in French upon request.


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