Start Date
February 16, 2023
End Date
February 28, 2023



The Rink is weather dependant. The opening date is subject to change. Please follow our social channels for the announcement.

Located next to our aviation-themed Play Zone, The Rink is a natural ice rink that we have built for the first time this winter season!

We understand that there are not many free outdoor skating rinks in North York. So, we wanted to provide the community with this new addition to the Park. Since it is a natural ice rink, we rely on mother nature to provide the cold to keep the surface frozen, so take advantage when the ice is ready and get outside and play!

The entrance to the Circuit Path is also conveniently located by The Rink, so come and explore the Park after you finish skating! What do you want to explore today

To compliment The Rink, our education team will be hosting a Fire and Ice program. For more details, please visit the page: Fire and Ice

Please take a look at the FAQ section below before you lace up those skates!


Where is The Rink located? 

The Rink is located directly on the basketball court, next to the Play Zone, across from 70 Canuck Avenue and is moments from Keele Street and Sheppard Avenue.

What are the hours of operation?

The Rink is open from 7am to 10pm daily. The Rink will be closed and lights will be off 10pm to 7am.

Is the Rink supervised and maintained? 

This is an UNSUPERVISED, unmaintained skating rink, use it at your own risk. 

Who should I call if there is an emergency? 

In an emergency, please dial 911 for immediate help. For non-emergencies, please call Downsview Park security at 647-276-0089.

Do you have washrooms? 

Yes, portable washrooms and accessible portable washrooms are located by the parking lot behind 70 Canuck Avenue building. 

What is the maximum capacity on the rink surface?

The maximum capacity is 30 people. If the rink surface is busy, please come back another time. 

Does Downsview Park offer skate rentals? 

Downsview Park does not offer skate rentals. Please bring your own skates. 

What is the difference between a natural rink vs. artificial (refrigerated) rinks? 

With a natural ice rink, the freezing occurs from cold ambient temperatures that need to consistently be -4 degrees and under to start, whereas artificial ice rinks (or mechanically frozen), uses a coolant to produce cold temperatures in the surface below the water, causing the water to freeze.

The ice looks a bit melted, can I still skate on it? 

Do not use the skating rink if the conditions have melted or otherwise affected the integrity of the ice. 

Can I practice my figure skating moves or play hockey while on The Rink?

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, we ask that you do not practice figure skating moves or play hockey on The Rink. 

I brought my cell phone with me so that I can listen to music? Can I put my headphones in while skating?

Due to safety reasons, we ask that you do not put headphones in while skating to be aware of your surroundings. 

I'd like to bring my children to The Rink so that I can teach them how to skate. Am I allowed to do this? 

Yes, however, please keep in mind of the following: 

  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult. 
  • Children under the age of 2 are not allowed on the ice. 
  • Children aged 6 and under must wear a CSA-approved helmet that covers the back and sides of the head while skating. 
Can I bring a hot drink to The Rink since it's cold outside? 

We do not allow food and drinks on the ice. You are welcome to bring any food and/or drinks outside of the ice surface. Other items prohibited on the ice: 

  • Bags/personal belongings 
  • Hockey sticks, pucks or other sticks, hockey equipment, and toys 
  • Sleds, toboggans, and strollers 
  • Animals 
Does Downsview Park offer any kind of drop-in programs like learn to skate? 

No, Downsview Park does not offer any kind of drop-in programs to learn to skate. We will be offering our Fire and Ice program; you can click here to learn more. 

The Rink Waiver and Complete Rules


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