Working with Downsview Park

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Bring your event here

Downsview Park is becoming the destination for events in the Greater Toronto Area. With easy access to the 400-series highways, direct public transit service, plenty of on-site parking, catering services and indoor and outdoor venue options, Downsview Park just makes sense for your event. 

Film in the Park

Downsview Park’s film studios are spacious and in demand! The Park’s outdoor spaces offer wide open areas for outdoor set requirements, too.

Play, seriously

The Downsview Park Sports Centre offers facilities for more than 15 different sports! We can help you make your sporting event happen.

Locate here

Downsview Park is growing into a unique community of mixed uses—sports, education, culture, leisure, agriculture, residential, retail. Do you want to grow with us? Park your business in the Park.

Get the job done

As we grow, the services and projects the Park requires grow too. Stay on top of tenders, RFPs and other postings.