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Getting the most out of Downsview Park

The Downsview Park Sports Centre offers a wide selection of recreation and sports options for whatever moves you. Facilities in the Sports Centre, with the exception of The Hangar, are owned and operated by independent companies. 

Facilities include Grand Prix Kartways, HoopDome, Premier Elite Athletes’ Collegiate (PEAC), True North Climbing, Toronto School of Circus Arts, National Squash Academy, Volleyball Canada and Toronto Football Club Academy.

The Downsview Park Sports Centre is growing to become the leading centre of athletic excellence in the Greater Toronto Area.

Spend the day, join a league, bring your office or your family and friends. Come out to Downsview Park!

The Downsview Park Sports Centre is a 45,000-square-metre facility, formerly an aircraft hangar for the de Havilland Aircraft company and later the Canadian Forces.