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BugFor teachers and parents across the Greater Toronto Area, Downsview Park has established itself as a valuable and respected educational and recreational resource for children and youth.

In the 2012-13 school year, Downsview Park’s sustainability-focused, curriculum-based school programs provided thousands of students—from Peel to York to Durham—an opportunity to meaningfully connect with their natural environment.

Downsview Park's roster of educational programs continues to expand, with programs such as Community Field Trips and the latest, a new program for families called Downsview Nature Connection. As with all of the Park’s education programs, each relies on the rich natural and cultural heritage of Downsview Park including some of the Park’s tenants on site such as Fresh City Farms and the Toronto Beekeepers Co-op, and Downsview Park partners such as Evergreen.

All of Downsview Park’s programs focus on sustainability—how people today can live in a way to ensure there is enough, for all, forever.

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As a founding member, Downsview Park is pleased to have helped create the new Ontario EcoCentres program. The Park's education facility has been successfully certified as one of the first Ontario EcoCentres.

Come discover what Downsview Park has to offer. We’re more than just a Park!