About Events & Activities

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Downsview Park is known for many things, including the great sporting and entertainment venues of the Park’s historic buildings and open spaces. 

Most events at Downsview Park are organized by third-party organizations who have selected Downsview Park for their event location.

The Park is open year round and hosts:

  • music concerts
  • cultural festivals
  • sporting events
  • fundraisers (marathons, walks)
  • sports leagues and tournaments
  • education events
  • amusement rides
  • seasonal/holiday celebrations
  • corporate picnics
  • team-building events
  • tradeshows

…and more.

Find out what’s happening in the Park on our Events Calendar.

Public Events

Private Events

Events open to the public. Admission or registration fees may apply.   Events not open to the public. May be a private corporate function, special event with invited guests, etc. 


Event organizers, head on over to our Event Bookings section for more information on how to bring your event to Downsview Park.