About Downsview Park

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Downsview Park, a former military base located in the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, is an approximately 231.5 hectares (572 acres) of land that sits on one of the highest elevations in the City of Toronto. Currently more than half of the site is a mix of public parkland, commercial uses and community services offering a diverse range of public activities and programs, with the remainder of the site anticipated for eventual redevelopment.

In November of 2012, the Government of Canada announced the amalgamation of Parc Downsview Park Incorporated (PDP) with Canada Lands Company Limited (CLCL), with Downsview Park slated to transition into an important real estate project of Canada Lands Company (CLC). www.clc.ca.

Downsview Park is home to many businesses and organizations, ensuring a mix of tenants consistent with its vision and values with focus on those compatible with sport, recreational, cultural and leisure uses. 

In addition to creating a unique  urban park the development includes five integrated neighbourhoods with a full range of land uses to create a model of progressive sustainable urban development. Five related neighbourhoods will be developed : Stanley Greene; William Baker; Sheppard; Chesswood; and Allen.